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SHAKE YOUR PEACE! your underway in Utah, crowds “Awed” by the band and their human power

Here’s a Gmail chat transcript with Gabe today, reporting on how our sponsored Human Powered P/A is doing:

me: What’s up Shake Your Peace?

Gabe: waddup Rock The Bike

me: I’ve been following the blog — nice work so far! Peace to your pops.

Gabe: right on. I’m updating it right now pics from the Salt Lake shows etc It’s been way harder to keep it updated then I thought it’d be

me: Sweet, well I’m working away too. Just wanted to say hi. Also, I had a great music session with your man Aaron. He’s totally the guy i Need on my Soul CYcle project.

Gabe: right on slick. Lemme tell you about the pedal-generator though real quick. First, people LOVE the DLG

me: Right on!!!

Gabe: I’ve found that having a voltmeter right in front of the pedaler is a pretty crucial design element we’ve had the power go out about 6 times or so ~ all quickly remedied by an immediate burst of quick pedaling but having that there to show the pedaler where they are in relation to 12V would be pretty bad ass if I have time I might rig one up myself this week ~ After every show there’s an explosion of rubber shavings all over my frame, gears, and all around the bike the side wall of my tire is totally flat

me: whoah

Gabe: I’ve had to move the generator unit almost a centimeter more over when I screw it down, the tire’s so far eaten I’m going to have to start flipping my tires, front to back, and rotating it etc

me: Got a spare? How many shows so far?

Gabe: I’ve done 6 pedal shows 2 non pedal radio appearances 8 total about 12 hours of pedal-powered music

me: That’s got to be a record.

Gabe: I think the side wall engagement for the generator could definitely be improved. Having an assembly that resembles a biketrainer stand would take care of that… but I’m super proud of the speaker cabinet, generator, your wiring, and all the pieces and parts. It’s solid, and it’s doing a great job People are totally awed. Tons of people are super inspired.

me: Yeow! You’re like the piper for 2007

Gabe: And Utah’s the rats [smile]