• Rentable Pedal Powered Activities

    You can green your event by renting our Pedal Power gear, reducing your carbon footprint and inspiring people at your event. Pedal Power gives your event attendees a unique experience that they will never forget. Check out all our great Pedal Powered activities for rent, and let’s start talking about your upcoming event.

  • Bike Blender Rentals

    We rent our best bike blender, the Fender Blender Pro (High Performance), for $300 per event day. Each comes with a commercial-grade, NSF-rated 48 oz blender pitcher, the same kind in use at smoothie shops. Extra pitchers can be rented for $20, and we recommend extras so you can increase the throughput of the activity. […]

  • Hire a Smoothie Booth for Your Event

    Photo Credit: Adam Aufdencamp Hire Rock the Bike to run a smoothie booth at your event and we’ll supply experienced crew members who can cover all aspects of bike blending. We’ll bring the bike, prepare the smoothies, coach the activity, and ensure higher volumes at your event. We’re fun-loving and outgoing event people. We’ll make […]

  • Crewed Recharge Bar

    A Recharge Bar is a combination of a Recharge Station and a DJ Rig. It’s more than just a place to recharge phones; it’s downright groovy! It’s a place to relax, pedal, get your heart going, meet others, and send great music out to a larger space. Conferences are all about the sharing of knowledge and connections […]

  • Pedal Powered Stage

    Pedal Powering your next event taps you into the magic of community power, the cleanest and best source of power currently available. Nearly a thousand packed in to a Mission District street closure to take in a free Pedal Powered show at Bicycle Music Festival. On stage: Quinn Deveaux. The show was powered by 14 […]

  • Your Name in Lights!

      Fun, challenge and teamwork in action are the main benefits of our newest Pedal Powered Activity, the LightBox, an 8 x 8 Pedal Powered custom illuminated light sign that could be a hit for your org or company. Having a multi-person activity like the Light Box leads to genuine teamwork moments at your events. […]

  • Interactive Pedal Powered Lighting Rigs

    Let us bring our years of experience with Pedal Powered lighting to craft something special for your event. For fun or education (or both), the possibilities are endless! Latest example of our interactive lighting: Chobani Yogurt Olympic Experience Read testimonials from our previous clients. The sLEDgehammer The sLEDgehammer, an interactive Pedal Powered lighting rig. More […]

  • Pedal Power Spin Class

    Do you ever walk past the big glass windows of your local gym and ask yourself, “What if?” What if those people on their cardio machines could be doing something useful with their power? The moment is now for Pedal Power spin classes. Although some big challenges will keep the trend from sweeping the nation’s gyms — mostly the […]

  • Live On Bike: Bicycle Mobile Performance

    Loud, clear, and bicycle-mobile. Mobile Sound comes naturally for Rock The Bike — we’ve been hosting musically-enhanced bike rides since 2002. Each year we improve our gear and take on new ways of bringing music to the streets. Above: The Ginger Ninjas perform ‘Live On Bike‘ on Rock The Bike’s Mobile Stage at the 2011 […]

  • Rock The Bike at your school

    Nobody rocks Pedal Power like Rock The Bike. We love getting involved with high schools and universities in the Bay Area. Working directly with kids is such an awesome way to make an impact on our future. Here are some examples of ways we can make an impact in a school: – Bringing a Pedal Power demonstration […]

  • Recharge Station

    It’s a bike that charges phones, 8 of them to be precise. This event power station sparks the kinds of informal conversations and networking that draw people to conferences, concerts, and meetings in the first place. The sight of pedaling and the diffuse green glow of the enclosure underneath the wooden desk draw in crowds […]