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Sending out the bike vibe in Al-Anbar province

Robert, a marine stationed in Al-Anbar province in Iraq, will be sending out the bike vibe on his base with a new chopper bicycle and some Ice Blue DLG.

Apparently, even on the base, there’s a problem with drivers not seeing cyclists. Here’s his email:

Hey Paul, I was looking for a cool chopper bike and while surfing the internet I ran across a web site called and they sell your lights. So I decided to shop around and see where they come from. I found your web site and pretty much read the whole thing. I’m in Iraq and needed something to break the monotony.

I think everyone is going to get a kick out of my chopper bike with the neon lights. Here is the link to the bike that I am having sent out here, .

Now if you can imagine the ice blue dual kit on this bike, you can see how excited I am about getting the kit. Thank you so much for selling such an awesome product. You can bet I will recommend your product to all of my fellow Marines. Maybe we can get a bundle deal out here since the people driving don’t see many of us riding bikes. Take care, and I look forward to receiving the kit.