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San Jose Bike Party 17 August 2008

First of all, I really enjoyed the ride Fri night. I had a FANTASTIC time with the ride.

I think that so far the ride is pretty good and has a lot of potential to be a GREAT POSITIVE event in the South Bay.
Some of the concerns I have listed below.

A common call and response to alert riders ahead of “BIKE DOWN” or other concerns to get the ride to stop or slowdown.
* Walkie talkies and set them to a common channel to communicate.
* Encourage helmets and lights and safe conduct.

Some of the GREAT things about the SJ Bike Party:
* The fun vibe from MOST of the people.
* Friendly positive riders.
* People looking out for one another.

Some of the BAD things about the SJ Bike Party:
* Too many drunk riders; I saw a girl fall into a parked car, another lay her cruiser down and another riders tire hit her head.
* A guy got $100 dollar ticket from SJPD for drinking a beer on his bike RIGHT IN FRONT OF SJPD. (for the record, he didn’t give up the course of the ride, he didn’t know it or have a directions list)
* The guys doing graffiti tagging “BIKE PARTY.” That’s a sure-fire way to get the ride shut down before it begins.
* Crude behavior by some of these “Animal House” type of drunkards
* A female rider that flipped off some drivers while running a red light.
* The cowards kicking over newspaper boxes and causing damage to the environment by littering. Come on now!!
Overall I had a great time in spite of the drama from SJPD, the crude behavior from some of the participants and getting lost due to some mishaps. I’d do it again!