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RTB crew pedal power largest tree planting in FUF’s history, meet Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, back him up at the Grand Ballroom

Posted by fossilfool
We woke up at 6:30 to bike approximately 8 miles to the FUF tree planting in time by you.
The day started with a 7AM bike ride to the outer sunset for Friends of the Urban Forest’s DigIt event.The Mundo is carrying our new 600 watt JBL PRX535 speaker. Two straps is all it took to secure the 70 pound speaker.
20081018-085027 by alwaysupndown.
Our job was to up the energy of the event with pedal powered music, and allow event organizers to make announcements to approximately 400 volunteers at registration and lunchtime. Timberland sponsored the event, and they’re making a short film about it. Above, the documentary crew wanted an interview. Photo: Aufdencamp.
20081018-124043 by alwaysupndown.
After the initial wave of volunteers went out into the nearby neighborhoods to plant trees, Stone Gossard of the band Pearl Jam checked out the stage and got excited about potentially pedal powering his set at the Grand Ballroom that night. Photo: Aufdencamp.


20081018-123412 by alwaysupndown.
Stone and his bandmates picked up the spirit of the pedal power immediately.  Photo: Aufdencamp.
The new human power kickstand for the Mundo performed flawlessly by you.

We used the Mundo to carry gear to the event, and also as one of the three pedal power bikes. The two red tubes elevate the rear wheel of the Mundo and allow you to pedal it in place. A tire-rubbing generator is mounted on the top of the chassis.

20081018-142504 by alwaysupndown.
After the event we rode with our gear to the Grand Ballroom. Photo: Aufdencamp.
20081018-165334 by alwaysupndown.
Set up was fairly straightforward, being our second time of the day. Photo: Aufdencamp.
Pedal Powering Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam by you.
The plan was for the band to play their first song through our Pedal Powered Stage, then switch to the venue’s main speakers.
Changing it up. Pedalers get on an off the generator bikes between songs. by you.
Instead they played their whole first set through our stage. Audience members swapped out on the different bikes during song breaks.
20081018-204254-1 by alwaysupndown.
“Voltage is dropping — Go! Go! Go!” Photo: Aufdencamp.
20081018-203745 by alwaysupndown.
Stone and his band played a great rock set ranging from Hank Williams to a cover of 1999 by Prince. Photo: Aufdencamp.
Below: Play an audio clip of Stone Gossard adlibbing about our Pedal Powered Stage during the nighttime set at the Ballroom.