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Rock the Bike Workshop Open House

Posted by fossilfool
08/09/2007 – 06:30

Come check out what’s been happening in our Berkeley workshop! Nate and I have been tricking out some great bikes over the past few months. And we’re excited to show you what’s been happening. Bike on over to our workshop and enjoy some after work snacks and drinks. There’s always a potential for some live music on our stage.

Gabe and Paul performing on the stage at Rock the Bike

So bring instruments if you’re so inclined.

A quick sunset cruise around Berkeley is also a possibility. Hope you can make it.


Location: 1336 Channing Way, Berkeley CA 94702

Google Map

Best BART from the city: Ashby. Ride downhill on Ashby to California, turn right. Left on Channing.

Best Bart from the city if you’re hardcore: West Oakland. Take Mandela north from the BART station, all the way till it curves towards Best Buy compound. Left on Horton, right on 53rd by Novartis campus. Left on Hollis. Right on Stanford. Left on Vallejo. Right on Ocean. Left on San Pablo. Right on 66th. Left on Mabel. Right on Dwight. Left on Valley. And you’re there. Or map it yourself.