Rock The Bike

Ride quality faster and better than expected

I put the Mundo to the test today. I started with a leisurely ride
to the coffee shop with my girlfriend (she was on her Gary Fisher w/ an
Xtracycle Free Radical) it’s about two miles to the coffee shop and a
little bit of a grade. I was very surprised at the speed of 12mph I was
able to travel with relatively little effort. She was surprised that
she could keep up with me on a bike that outweighed hers by 35 lbs. She
later rode it and loved it.
Due to the weight of the bike, I was expecting it to be a lot more
cumbersome than it was, but it corners much tighter than my Marin Lucas
County with The Xtracycle). I strapped some milk crates on later and
went to the hardware store and the grocery store. On my way home I
stopped back by the coffee shop and gave a test ride to two of my
friend, and they both loved it, and are going to think over buying one.
A very close friend of mine and his wife, both car free bike
commuters w/two kids, stopped buy the house to check out the Mundos. He
gave the bike a ride with me and his wife on the back. He is going to
sell his Big Dummy and buy a Mundo (how’s that for an endorsement)

-Randy Burgess
January 26, 2009