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Pedal Powered Activity Desired:
Fender Blender ProFender Blender UniversaleFender Blender XtracycleFender Blender MundoElectric Fender Blender ProPedal Powered Spin Art for Fender BlendersIce Cream Bike ProIcycleta Ice Cream AttachmentGenerator ProGenerator WheelRoll Up Generator StandCell Phone Recharge StationsLEDgehammerDual sLEDgehammerOne Bike / One SpeakerPedal Power Utility BoxPedal Powered Stage GearCustom LightingOtherNot Sure, I need help selecting what's best for me

IF PRO FRAME: Do you want to brand the bike? (select all)
Bike Wheel (+$350)Bike Frame (+$100)Custom Color (+$450)Spin Art Drum (+$110)Recharge Desk (+$350)No

IF BIKE BLENDING: 32oz Standard or 48oz High Performance blender base/pitcher?
StandardHigh Performance - Blendtec (+$250)High Performance - Vitamix (+$300)

IF FENDER BLENDER UNIVERSALE: Would you like to add a stationary stand to your order?
Yes (+$60)No

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