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Recharge Station gains improved utility with inductive charging and outlets

With the advent of our Off The Wall generator wheels and stands, we’ve revamped our Recharge Station, designed to be the social digital watering hole for charging phones and powering devices at conferences and events. 

The activity now features: 

  • 4 wireless charging pads. Almost all newer phones can be charged wirelessly. This makes for a simpler, cleaner desk surface uncluttered by USB cables. 
  • Large brandable backlit skirt, easy to remove, rebrand, and reinstall, measuring approximately 43” x 6” when laid flat. 
  • AC outlets for compatible devices (100-240V input devices). 
  • Power stats visible to the pedaler and coaches on an integrated screen. As you plug in and charge more devices, Wattage goes up. 
  • Includes a stylish fan to keep pedalers cool. 
  • Power measuring USB C cable. This style of cable can charge newer laptops, which typically consume 20-50W.
  • Minimum Wattage on this desk is 20W from the fan and lights. This is a good thing because pedalers won’t want it to feel too easy. 
  • Maximum Wattage is probably 200-300, but be aware that the higher you go, the harder it will feel to the pedaler. It’s not just that it feels harder; it also requires more pedaling skill to keep voltage in the correct range (100-240V). 

Coaching this Recharge Desk is easy because the Off The Wall generator wheel functions on such a wide Voltage range. Almost any pedaling speed will result in functional charging. To challenge athletic pedalers, it may be helpful to have on hand some higher Wattage devices such as a laptop. 

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