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Watch Fossil Fool’s TED Audition.

VOTING IS CLOSED! Thanks for reading and watching the video!

Friends, customers, and fans: Please support my campaign to speak at the global TED 2013 conference. There is an open voting and comment period happening NOW until the end of August, in which you can watch and review all the amazing auditions that took place in the past 6 months. I auditioned in Vancouver in May. While the TED team make the final decisions, your feedback and ratings are going to help this talk get noticed. Please see bold instructions below for info about how to take action!


Rock The Bike has been in business since 2003 but we have been increasingly focused on Pedal Powered Activities  beginning in 2006, when an inspiring musician named Gabe Dominguez walked in, wanting a lightweight but good-sounding PA for his band, SHAKE YOUR PEACE! At the time I was sharing a workshop with fellow inventor Nate Byerley who was taking the Fender Blender bike blender to market. My specialty was tricking out bikes with music systems called Soul Cycles. The three of us twisted wires, turned bolts, and crunched numbers to create the first Human Powered PA (later “Pedal Powered Stage.”)

Since that inspiring moment, caught in the video above, we have worked hand in hand with the music and bike communities to produce over 150 Pedal Powered music events, mostly bikeable from our home base: San Francisco. Musicians now regularly say “That’s the best sound we’ve had, and it’s all coming from the pedalers, amazing!” Our technology has evolved to the point where Pedal Power is fun, relaxing, team-oriented, and reliable. People tell us that pedaling at our concerts has inspired them to dust off their bikes and pump up their tires. We want to continue this work, so I ask your help to speak on the Global TED stage in 2013. The TED motto is “Ideas Worth Sharing.”  If you count Pedal Powered Music among those, please take action!

Voting is closed! Thanks for watching!