Rock The Bike

Phat Beets uses FBU at Farmers Market to promote healthy eating habits

Phat Beets Produce works to connect small, marginalized farmers to urban communities through farmers market, CSAs, and gardens.  The pedal powered smoothie bike is for our youth and community based free farm stands in North Oakland.  We heard about the smoothie bike from OBUGS.  We are using funds from Farmers Market Consortium group to promote consumption of fruits and veggies.  Phat Beets Produce is not part of the local bike community, but some of us ride bikes.  We have an interest in any pedal powered kitchen equipment. The coolest thing we heard about was HOT BIKE!

Phat Beets' Fender Blender Universale

Here they are using their Fender Blender Universale at an event. Keep up the great work, Phat Beets!