Rock The Bike

Pedaling Paradise

In Juneau, Alaska Paradise Cafe is well known in the community for it’s fun and quirky vibe. Recently, Paradise Cafe just got quirkier, with the addition of a Fender Blender Universale (FBU)! Rather than just having a bike blender in the cafe, the owner, Joan, is having a Bike Blender Smoothie Contest!

On July 27, 2012 contestants will be able to show off their pedal power prowess by bringing all their ingredients and $10 for a local charity. Once the competition is underway, judges will determine the winner based off originality, taste, color, health benefits, presentation and speed of blending. We’re excited to see our customers get innovative with Fender Blenders, and this idea is definitely a sweet one!

As Paradise Cafe comes to it’s tenth year of business, the future looks uncertain. Luckily, Joan’s creativity is leading her to a path where healthier meals (including smoothies) and off-the-grid energy will be at the forefront of her business. Rock the Bike wishes Paradise Cafe good luck with their Bike Blender Smoothie Contest! Pedal on!

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