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Pedal Powered Stage at Sunday Streets this Weekend

Posted by fossilfool
09/06/2009 – 12:00 – 15:00

Attention people of San Francisco, it is time to get out and celebrate your city by joining us at the final Sunday Streets of the season!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend in Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway as we host the grand finale musical performance. Rock the Bike is proud to present our signature Pedal Powered Stage featuring;

Three acts comin’ at you this Sunday, starting at noon on the Pedal Powered Stage:

Where’s My Toothbrush, part of Young Performers International (young rockers playing Hendrix covers, talented kids)

Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper

The Homeless People (gypsy style music, talented street performers, accordian and fiddle.)

Bring tips for performers!

Young Performers International’s “Where’s My Toothbrush”, up at noon.


Location is different from last time:

We’ll be at the lovely grassy triangle at the intersection of JFK, MLK, and South Dr. inside Golden Gate park in the South-West corner. It’s near but not at the beach (See the MAP!)

Test ride station. Come ride a cargo bike / family bike.

Sunday Streets afterparty. Stick around with us after the event ends for more live music, till approx. 3PM. Then we head either to the beach for a sunset bonfire, or back to the Mission for relaxation.


Come join us in Golden Gate Park and prepare to rock out to our amazing performers and enjoy a bike blended smoothie as well. To find out more details about the event OR to RSVP please visit the following link —

See you all Sunday!