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We’re Pedal Power people.

A mom and her son Pedal Powering a music performance on a Mundo 500 generator at the Oregon Country Fair. Rock The Bike built the Pedal Powered Stage used at the Fair.

We help our event partners engage their communities to provide the greenest source of power possible. Read on to see how we do it!

We say a huge thanks to our amazing event partners from the first half of 2011. Sorry it’s taken so long! Here are some of the highlights. We look forward to Pedal Powering many more great events this year.

At the University of San Francisco’s Earth Day event, we pedal powered a Spin Art table, cranked out tasty bike blended smoothies, and got some good grooves going for the lunchtime event. Below, Anastasia and Nicco jamming, with 4 pedalers providing the amplification.

Sunday Streets

At Sunday Streets, San Francisco’s ‘Cyclovia’ event, we Pedal Powered a performance by Rupa & The April Fishes. Video below!

Concept to Concert

We helped get the groove going with a Pedal Powered DJ Booth at a charity fitness event in Malibu. Two Mundo 500‘s supported an 8’ wide DJ surface, and powered the two Modified JBL loudspeakers shown.

A month earlier — the sketch we scanned for the client.

Getting there:

We got better at getting to gigs by bike. Above, roadie Jeff shuttles a Mona Lisa-esque Giulia and a conga drum with a Mundo cargo bike, on a day we had more people than bikes.

We got a lot better at surfing. Above: Ariel delivering a Fender Blender Pro rental to the San Francisco Parks Trust for an event in Golden Gate Park.

We’ve had a perfect safety record, including on our amazing Bike Tree, El Arbol, shown above carrying two crewmembers and a conga.

Maker Faire

We hosted the 3rd annual Maker Faire -> Dolores Park Social Ride. 200 people showed up and we rode 21 miles to Maker Faire with awesome music and great spirits.

Maker Faire was the first event where people made leaves for El Arbol:


We had a blast at the 5th Annual Bicycle Music Festival, the world’s largest 100% Pedal Powered event, sponsored and co-founded by Rock The Bike.

Hundreds joined on the LiveOnBike parade from Golden Gate Park to Showplace Triangle. Two mobile acts performed on our new Mobile Stage, including 2 opera singers from the SF Conservatory of Opera, who performed aria duets, an act of street theater that prompted drivers to lean out of their windows and call “Stay beautiful!”.

Big thanks to Jay Broemmel from Complete Fabrications for welding the Mobile Stage! Thanks also to Mark, Kipchoge, and Ariel for many hours of help on the project.

Kata from Locura sings at Golden Gate Park at the Bicycle Music Festival

We featured 13 acts on our Pedal Powered Stage.

After the LiveOnBike performance, we set up our Pedal Powered Stage at Showplace Triangle, an urban park.

Photo: Sven Eberlein

Oregon Country Fair

We joined the University of Oregon Outdoor Program in producing 3-days of pedal powered music performances at Energy Park. Above, Rare Monk gets the dancing started.

The U of O Pedal Power crew take pride in biking to their events, shunning even the electric assist option of the Mundo 500.

See great music from the Pedal Powered Stage at the Oregon Country Fair in the video below: