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Our Best Gift Items for the 2020 Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Support a small business, give the gift of wellness and help your loved ones reduce their carbon footprint this holiday season. Here’s a list of gift ideas to empower the ones you care most about.

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Off The Wall Generator Stand: 

Get fit while you charge your family’s electronics. Cycling indoors for fitness? Stop wasting the energy you pedal! Charge laptops, phones, cameras, lights, etc. Connect more devices to increase the resistance.  

Fender Blender Universale High Performance: 

An affordable bike blender that’s great for treats. Why stop at smoothies, when you can grind coffee and make dips, sauces and soups. Fits the bike you already have.

Kombi 2000: 

2020’s been a hell of a year, but at least you can have a blast with your new electric cargo bike. Feel the acceleration of a 2000W hub motor as you get things done around town. 1 kWh battery fits in frame. Higher performance motor than all the major brands. 

Gifts Under $25

Rock The Bike cam straps:

It’s the perfect tie-down system: better than ratchet straps and bungees! Silky strong webbing is easy on the hands. No complex mechanisms that pinch. 


Wood handled multi-tool: 

A great gift for the cyclist in your life. It has nearly every tool you need to fix and adjust your bike, including a very precise chain tool. This multi-tool has passed our adventure tests with flying colors.