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One photo and two videos from now, you’ll understand how Side Visibility and the Down Low Glow protect you on night rides

Above, Rock The Bike’s piece on the benefits of Side Visibility.

Above, a YouTube video by Livewombat, an enthusiastic customer, shows how bright the DLG is when viewed from the side.

Front and rear safety lights (blinkies) protect you well in many riding situations. But blinkies are weakest when viewed from the side. Unfortunately, side visibility is the most common cause of nighttime bicycle-car collisions. Every time you approach a turn or an intersection, your side visibility is key to drivers seeing you.

Bike commuting, early morning training, and sunset rides should be inspiring, relaxing, fun and invigorating. And they can be, when you take the right safety measures. To feel relaxed and confident at those intersections, you need to know that drivers from all angles, especially the sides, can see you as early as possible.

That’s when the Down Low Glow really protects you. Due to its unique tubular design, high output mini-fluorescent lamps, and integrated chrome reflector, it’s even brighter from the sides than it is from the front. It hits the angles like no other light. And cyclists like you regularly email us to say how much safer they feel. Here’s just one sample email:

“I’ve become familiar with white-knuckling it down Culver Road [in Rochester, New York] at night as I pass the busy expressway intersections, then two lanes become one, then construction zones and parked cars are added to the mix. Tonight, I felt worry-free. It’s as if someone was laying out a green carpet for me as I traveled down the road.” — Adam Durand, [full review.] [more testimonials]

Most cyclists don’t realize how important side visibility is to their safety at night. It turns out that the majority of nighttime bicycle car collisions, nearly 70%, are related to side visibility. And the Down Low Glow is a better source of side visibility than any other bike light on the market, making it a smart choice for your visibility. Pair it with front and rear blinkies for the ultimate safety package. You can wait safely for your spot in traffic, then make your turn without rushing, confident that drivers will see you from all directions.

Side visibility demonstration of the Down Low Glow bike lights
Above, a 3D model of an intersection shows different angles from which cars need to see you. See more examples, including some from the New York Times.

“My wife got a chance to use it on her way home from work and she absolutely loves it. She felt like she finally got some respect on the road, even having one car come to a complete stop when it saw her.

It seems to have inspired her back on her bike again, especially for night riding!!!” — Si from Alabama.

That’s serious safety.

Now that you’ve read about how the DLG prevents many nighttime collisions, you’ll want to see how it helps you speak up for your space on the road to drivers approaching from the rear.