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No tools or zip ties required to mount your Down Low Glow

Many bike lights need to be installed with a screwdriver or a wrench. The Down Low Glow has a secure, shockproof mounting system that requires no tools to install. Just stretch the rubber straps around your frame and pop the DLG’s light tube into the plastic clip. We searched long and hard at industrial trade shows to find a clip that was easy to use, durable, and sleek. As you can see from the photo above, it doesn’t interfere with the brake and shifter cables on your bicyle.

For our dual tube systems, there’s are a couple velcro cinch straps to tighten in addition to this clip.

Lots of bike products use black zip ties.We could have used zip ties in our mounting system. But zip ties are a single use product. So you’d need more of them if you ever want to move the Down Low Glow to another bike.

A lot of our customers have more than one bike and want to move their lights from bike to bike depending on who they’re with, how far their going. On one night, I might take the cruiser. On another night, I might need to carry something, so I take the Xtracycle. If I’m leading a social ride, I’ll take the Soul Cycle. Our no-tools mounting kit makes it easy to have fun with your entire bike fleet, and loan your Down Low Glow lights to friends, too.