Rock The Bike
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Mundo waiting faithfully at the parking.

All I got to say is it’s been a long time since I’ve had a bright red bicycle and it rocks! This Mundo is a cheerful little guy. Kind of a cross between a monarch butterfly, a gazelle, and a hippo.

The single speed is great. On Wednesday I carried 100 pounds 1.4 miles up a gradual hill to town, and the ratio felt good to me. Not too hard, not too easy.

Then I rode to town today with about 60 pounds. Same solid feeling. Gear felt right. Then after dropping off the goods at FEDEX I was riding it down the hill unloaded, and it feels basically just as stiff and solid as when it was loaded down. The frame doesn’t budge. It’s kind of like riding a tree trunk. But as much as this bike doesn’t feel zippy, due to its weight, it’s reassuringly strong. Today I sprinted for a yellow light with the 60-pound load, and it felt really good. It had pickup. And the drivetrain is so positive that I know I can put 100% into each pedal stroke.

It’s our new townie. And we invite you to take a test ride. We’ll be at the Maker’s Faire this weekend running the Pedal Powered stage. Come take a ride, and pedal power a few songs while you’re at it!