Rock The Bike

Band Ready Pedal Powered Stage

An awesome demonstration, great boom for your buck.

4 Bikes / 2 Speakers / AC Power

Audience: 250-500 people

Cost: ~ $13950

Also known as the SHAKE YOUR PEACE! rig (named for the band for whom we develop it). This is the smallest system we sell that allows you to truly power up a band. This option provides AC power; most bands have at least one performer who needs AC power for their instruments (amps, keyboards, effect pedals).

Setup Time: 1 hour.
Crew size: 4
Getting it there: 2 of the bikes are cargo bikes. 1 tows another.
Event space: Generators will take up about 12 x 8. Recommended stage size 10 x 14 including loudspeakers.
Storage space: All will fit in 5 x 10.
Lighting: Stage lighting panels can be connected directly to a bike or the included Utility Box.
AC Power rating: Comes with a 600 Watt pure sine inverter capable of delivering 1200 Watt surges in power. However, for practical purposes, AC power will have to be less than 200 Watts (continuous) for a successful event.

Optimized for what types of performances? Bands without many AC Power instruments.
Other notes: With a Medium sized Pedal Powered Stage, you need to be conscientious about what types of bands you work with. Specifically, instrumentation.

We recommend:
2 Electric Fender Blender Pro
2 Mundo generators (upgradeable to Electric Cargo Bike):
3 Generator wheel + stand (upgrade any bike)

Circuitry: Split-Rail Utility Box with integrated 600 Watt AC inverter.
Pedalometer: 4′ tube, visible across a wide area.

Barebones downgrade:
No Pedalometer tube.

Bass upgrade:
Get a subwoofer.

Required additional gear purchase / sourcing:
2 speaker stands.
Modified JBL PRX 635 Loudspeaker with built-in Dubla and single Ultracapacitor brick.
All cabling included.

Substitution: Pedal Powered DJ Booth. Add 1-2 subwoofers. Keep only 1 monitor. Now you’ve got a righteous rig for dance music. If you’re working with a great DJ, your audio needs will be different than if you’re planning to Pedal Power bands.