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Lockable Grips

Lockable Grips, By Pedros

They’ll never slip around, even in the rain.
In the world of Product Design, ‘Contact Points’ are the places where a human interfaces with a product. On a bicycle, the contact points are the pedals for your feet, the seat / saddle for your rear end, and the grips, shifters and brake levers for your hands.
When a friend walks up to you and complements your bike, their hands will probably reach for the grips and brakes. And if you want to improve your experience on your bike, one of the first places to start is with the grips and other contact points.
We’ve been testing a few different types of bike grips and are excited to recommend Pedros Lockable grips. These grips have three really important things going for them:
1. They feel great on your hands. The small diamonds are just the right hardness to cushion your hands on harsh roads, yet they feel really secure in tense situations.
2. Never come loose in wet weather. Normal bike grips are vulnerable to water penetration, which can cuase them to rotate around your handlebars on wet rides. But this is exactly when you need your bike to be predictable and surefooted. Get a pair of grips that will never be slippery when wet. The Pedros Locking Grips tighten to your handlebars with machine screws. They don’t rely on friction.
3. No hairspray required. Have you ever had to run to the store to buy some Aqua Net because you wanted to pull a pair of grips off? (Hairspray acts as a lubricant when wet and an adhesive when dry.) We love hairspray just as much as the next pyromaniac, but when it comes to working on bikes, it’s cooler if the parts just work as they are without having to spray beauty products on them. Because they install with an 3mm Allen key, the Pedro’s Locking Grips don’t require any lubrication or force to install.
4. You can modify these grips to your desired length by cutting them down with a hack saw. They have two locking points. If you remove one of the two locking points (as might be necessary if your bike has twist shifters) you can still get a very secure mount on your handlebars.