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Pedal power has never made so much difference.

Of all the ways you can bring pedal power into your life, cargo biking is the most impactful. When you ride a cargo bike to get stuff done instead of driving, you directly reduce your fossil fuel pollution while boosting your fitness and enjoyment. The genesis of Rock The Bike was nurturing a new style of bike advocacy based on friend-to-friend camaraderie and fun, not guilt trips. Over the years we’ve helped people get into cargo biking and electric cargo biking for the joy and empowerment of it. Let us help you too! 

We’ve picked a bike that works for many people: the Yuba Kombi. 

The Kombi is the most approachable true cargo bike. At $1200 it’s ready to ride. You can strap down your shopping, picnic box, or sports gear, and go. 

  • What is a ‘true Cargo Bike’? One that has a rack with lots of space to carry and strap loads of different shapes and sizes, low gearing for getting up hills, a stiff frame that rides well even with a heavy load, and wheels that won’t wobble after you hit a bump. 
  • The Kombi is part of a cargo bike system; there are waterproof bags, child seats, side loader racks, and a big front basket available for purchase. However, no additional purchase is necessary to begin cargo biking. Attach any rigid load with the cam straps we’ll give you and you are hauling!
  • Very strong and wide kickstand. Some cargo bikes make you pay extra or don’t offer a good one. The one on the Kombi is very strong, very wide. It won’t tip while you’re loading, even on a sloped sidewalk. Just be careful not to get scraped while walking! 
  • The low standover height is very appealing for families with multiple riders, and also for pedal power. Pedal Power lifts the bike by 3” so the extra low step over is appreciated. For couples the smaller person will have an easier time with this bike. Still fits tall riders up to 6’ - 6’3”. 
  • Great pedal power bike. We will offer a Fender Blender Kombi soon. Easy to put in and out of our blue stand. If you’re jonesin’ for pedal power now, you can use the Kombi with Off The Wall or the Roll Up.
  • Great contact points! Seat is comfy and sporty and works as a lift handle. Bars are lightweight and put the forearms at a good angle. Grips are the nice Ergon style. Shimano thumb/trigger shifter has better ergonomics than twist shifters. Platform pedals. 
  • Dual battery lights included and rigidly mounted for you. Cool lock upgrade available. 
Looking for some battery-powered help? Check out our Electric Cargo Bikes.

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