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Just in time for Bicycle Music Festival, the aTractor Seat for live-on bike music performances and superior passenger comfort

Just in time for Bicycle Music Festival, we’ve come up with the aTractor Seat for live on-bike music performances and superior passenger comfort.

It all started one night when we were sitting around the cafe on one of these rare warm San Francisco nights. I didn’t have a Soul Cycle with me. I had the Mundo. And Mafi had her cuatro, so we decided to have an ‘acoustic night,’ and had a beautiful ride with lots of sing-a-longs.

The experience got my wheels turning and I started looking for ways to turn the Mundo into a serious performance bike. The aTractor Seat is a mod to the Mundo’s frame that allows us to mount an IKEA tractor seat rigidly to the Mundo’s frame. The frame is so stiff, that I can carry a passenger on the very rear of the rack, and I still don’t feel any appreciable frame flex. The front end does get a little light, because there’s so much weight behind the rear axle, but not enough to make me nervous, unless we’re talking about a 200lb passenger. I took my landlord Nick in Berkeley to lunch today. He weighs about 170. The front wheel never picked up, but the steering was a little less immediate.

Anyway, I wanted you to see the types of mods that you can easily do with a Mundo. The tubing on the Mundo is thick-gauge steel, not boutique thin-walled cromoly. You can take this to any welder and they’ll be able to weld a bracket on there for you for your surfboard, skis, camera mount, whatever.

Here’s a cool new video we just uploaded about the Mundo, featuring a new song of mine, “Sendin’ Out”: