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July 4th Fireworks cruise with the SF Cruisers

Posted by fossilfool
07/04/2008 – 19:00

Join our most musical July 4th Fireworks cruise yet, this Friday at 7.

SF Cruisers at the Panhandle at last year's ride.
photo from last year’s Fireworks Cruise.

What’s up SF Cruisers?

Hope you’re down to join in for one of our favorite annual traditions, the July 4th SF Cruiser Ride. This year on the ride, we’ll be featuring LiveOnBike performances by Mafiosa Felice of La Malamaña, and Joel Elrod of Afrolicious (Thursdays at the Elbo Room). Check out Joel’s live on bike drum rig, set up for street performing. Photo: Ray Tracing.

Joel Elrod's LiveOnBike drum rig

Why rush a good thing? This year we’ll be spending more time at Inspiration Point.

Inspiration Point at the Presidio

Each year on the Fireworks cruise we linger a bit longer at Inspiration Point, where folks gather to watch the fireworks . At first we didn’t even go into the parking lot, but last year we stopped at the overlook and created a spontaneous multi-generational street party that lasted about 15 minutes. The crowd wanted more music and dancing, but after a few songs we left to watch the fireworks at Crissy Field.

This year, if the folks at Inspiration Point are enjoying our music as much as last year, we’ll stay, creating a spontaneous sunset party that will last until the fireworks begin. This year we’ll have live music performances at Inspiration point with Audio Braille and Fossil Fool. Audio Braille is a new combo featuring Joel Elrod, Ken Restivo on keyboard, and Zori Marinova on congas. Thanks in advance to Ken and Joel for helping out on sound for the live performances.

Plus lots of great new cruising music, thanks to DJ Oz! It takes a village, y’all!

Start time: 7 PM
Start location: Statue at the east end of the Panhandle, Fell and Baker (map)

Email me back if you start from the Mission or are able to help pedal one of our bikes to the Panhandle. We may need strong riders for the music bikes.