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July 4-eva 2007 SF Cruiser Ride

This bike ride was a transforming experience that forever changed my life and you should go to every one from now on. Diverse throngs of people cheered us on as we paraded through the city streets with Fossil Fool the Bike Rapper leading the way, and Gabe and JoJo providing the amplification of the jams. we danced with families to uplifting house-funk from an outlook in the golden gate park whilst delivering a message of true freedom and independence through bikes and music. we watched the Golden Gate Bridge fireworks from the beach at crissy field with barry white and opera from pucchini as the soundtrack. Pucchini received applause from the crowd when complemented by a fireworks spectacular. We had a freestyle session near the fisherman’s wharf with some radtastic 15 year old kids. These culture creating/transcending rides are not to be missed! love to you all, see you on the next social adventure-