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I’ve been quietly amassing inspiring, amazing, and hilarious street culture and street art videos for three years

I’ve been posting these to You Tube for the last few years. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Three women sat at the top of the escalator. A roller blader took a hundred foot lead in, then cleared the women and took the escalator backwards.

2. I immediately went for my camera when I saw this woman. I had my friend Emily stand just outside the frame of this video so I could grab the action incognito.

3. I first met Austin at the Crissy Field pullup bar last year. He’s dope. What more can I say.

4. BMX pro Pete Brandt practicing at Embarcadero and Market in SF.

5. Bike Culture from San Francisco. Inventor Max Chen twists, chops, and distorts bikes to make a big visual impact. This pet squirrel is one of his simplest mods, but one of my favorites as well. (more)

6. Live Billboard Project. Dancers under the direction of Jo Kreiter transform a brick facade into a stage with beautiful acrobatics and great lighting and music.