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Introducing my fleet/my wish list

Ahhh, those days when you can just let your imagination go. Today, I’m in the mood to dream about some bike stuff. For those of you that know me, I don’t have one bike!! I have one FLEET of bikes. Too many to store in one place. So, I started out with my original Schwinn Predator BMX from my childhood, bought a Diamondback Beach Cruiser Islander 7 speed, a Schwinn Grey Ghost single speed coaster Stingray (for sale!!), a Grey Ghost 5 speed stingray, Specialized Sequoia elite model road touring bike, Marin Muirwoods citybike with Xtracycle Freeradical (the soon to be Soul Cycle), and a Kulana 7 speed green beach cruiser (stationed in Honolulu Hawaii). The fleet is 7 strong! Its a funny feeling when your friends come over to visit, just hang out and someone gets the idea of taking a cruise around town to get some dinner or drinks, they rush the garage, grab every bike off the wall or cieling hook, your ride down the street, look around and EVERY BIKE AROUND YOU IS YOURS!! I will post pics up soon!!

My wish list. Well 2007 is full of new projects endeavors and bike life.