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Innovate or Die, Dante!

Dante is on the cutting edge of research into human powered amplification. We set him up with a bench in our workshop, and he’s putting the finishing touches on the Ginger Ninja’s touring rig as I write these words. Dante helped Rock The Bike develop an offering for an Xtracycle-based DC motor mount for human powered music systems. Now he’s working day and night on a 4-bike human power setup for the Ninjas. No one’s had a chance to hear it in action yet, but it’ll probably be 5 times louder than the setup we used for the Bicycle Music Festival.

It’s amazing how the project just totally flows through our community. First Blender man Nate got the bug, then me, then Kipchoge and Dante. With each handoff, we get more experience. Dante is now the most knowledgable guy in our community when it comes to human power. It’s a rad collaborative atmosphere, knowing that we’re producing powerful tools for sending out the bike vibe, the peace vibe, and the party vibe, through bikes and music.

The title of this posting refers to a video competition from Specialized on Human Power.