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If there’s something you find reassuring about having a taillight this powerful, this large, on your long bike or commuter bike, trust your instincts. Get the Down Low Glow.

Down Low Glow as a rear taillight.
Down Low Glow as a rear taillight.
Photo: Rob Arnaud

For years we’ve been selling the Down Low Glow as a Side Visibilty and Ground Effects light for bicycles. Some of our customers have been trying it out as rear light, and I finally set it up that way for myself. The results are in. Never has it been this much fun to take the lane.

The Down Low Glow makes a killer taillight on any bike with a rear rack. The complete sweep of visibily of the Down Low Glow outdoes anything else on the market, and the bright red light around your bike communicates to drivers what part of the road is theirs and what part of the road is yours.

You can rotate the DLG’s light tube so its brightest light hits the eyes of drivers. The DLG is brightest at the extreme angles of its light tube, as you can see by the hard transition to from the Plush Red on the ground near the rear wheel to the Royale Purple from the DLG system mounted on the downtube and chainstay of this Mundo. The other bright band from this rear-mounted tube is the one aiming right at the camera. Stand your bike up near a wall and rotate the light tube until the brightest band of light come up the wall light. Angle it up at eye level of drivers approaching you from the rear in cars and trucks.

Speaking of trucks, have any of you driven at night on a highway with decent truck traffic lately? It’s obvious when you see a trucker who cares about their rig and their own safety, because they illuminate it with large bright lights and reflective tape. Why do they do it? Because driving probably feels a little better, a little less stressful with all that safety gear, and because they probably have pride in their rig and don’t mind communicating that pride. You can do the same with your bicycle. Make a bold statement about bike culture and your own safety at the same time. And with the Down Low Glow, you won’t need a CB radio to talk to other bike people. You can just say “Hi.”

One last point. I have yet to verify this with an neurobiologist, but anecdotal and visual evidence suggests to me that the Down Low Glow could be an inherently more effective bike light because of its size. My theory is that our brains are wired to think that bigger is more important. Therefore, a point source of light, like a strobe or an ultrabright blinky, even if it gives off as  many lumens, can’t catch the eye of drivers like the Down Low Glow. The Down Low Glow has a 1-foot-long, 1-inch wide light tube. My theory is that this longer, wider source of light simply trumps the importance of smaller ones in the brains of drivers.

Try the Down Low Glow risk free for 30 days. We look forward to getting you Glowing.