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Ice Cream Bike: Setup and How-To

1. Prepare the custard ahead of time. It must be chilled for best results.
2. On the day of your event, pour the custard into the stainless steel canister — up to 1.5 gallons!
3. Close the top using the Country Freezer’s foolproof locking pin.
4. Run the stretchy slip-proof belt from the bike’s drive wheel up and over the large white pulley on the modified Ice Cream maker. This happens in seconds once you get the hang of it.
5. Pour in the ice and rock salt. One standard ice bag per batch.
6. Pedal! The Fender Blender Pro base frame can fit riders from 4’10” to over 6′! About 15-20 minutes of casual pedaling is enough.
7. Pop the belt off, open the canister and serve instantly! Scooping the ice cream directly from the canister gives your crowd the satisfaction of seeing their labor pay off, and the motivation to make more.
8. Empty or strain the icy water, then repeat. In the photo below see how the bucket hinges to allow easy dumping.