Rock The Bike

Ice Cream Bike Churns Up Happiness

At USF’s Earth Day the students felt a little overwhelmed to manage the ice cream bike in addition to blending, spin art, and tabling. We brought it along to try out a new simple strawberry sorbet recipe and it ended up being a hit.

Above: Brittany scoops out sorbet for students.

Everything was easy enough to make on the spot at the event, and we even used the Fender Blender Pro to puree the strawberries and mix in coconut milk, sugar, and lime juice.

Black Pine Circle School

After a Fossil Fool assembly, students lined up to pedal theĀ Fender Blender and Ice Cream Bike. The Almond Coconut Sorbet recipe was also a no-cook recipe, that only requires a long spoon to make!

Bicycle Music Festival

At the 2012 Bicycle Music Festival, we made over 3 gallons of ice cream for festival goers. Straus Family Creamery donated milk and cream, and Pachamama Cookery chef Maggie Weber Strickland.

The vanilla ice cream was a hit–with each batch gobbled up in 10 minutes or less! The best moment had to be when two young girls discovered a new way to pedal: seesaw-style. As one went up, the other went down–and they managed to do it for the full 20 minutes needed to churn!