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Human Power, the writing’s on the wall

And today coming back from the beach I passed Mona Caron’s new mural in progress in Noe Valley and saw this cool little detail:

In it, a gym currently at the corner of 24th and Church is replaced by a Pedal Power center, which people pedaling away on energy-harnessing bikes. On the roof of the Pedal Power center, a band jams away, using the power from below. Caron painted her favorite musicians into the mural. You can clearly make out stiltwalkers from La Malamana, and the distinct figure of the singer Rupa .

Every time I street perform with the Choprical Fish, someone asks me: “What if we could have a whole gym generating energy?” Well, at least in the post-apocalyptic eutopia of Mona Caron’s new mural, we can.