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How to take part in a cruiser ride 300 miles away without burning any fossil fuels

Kipchoge and Wild Johnny kept inviting me to the Pleasant Revolution tour stop in Redondo Beach.

I really wanted to cruise and perform with my friends, not to mention take part in a huge Xtracycle / Down Low Glow rally, but I didn’t have a way to get there. I haven’t had significant-other access to a vehicle since February, there wasn’t a carpool option, and the idea of flying or renting an SUV to get to a bike ride didn’t ziggle with my zooglea, as we say in the Kombucha business.

So ended I staying up all night Friday, making them a special Fossil Fool cruising mix in Ableton Live, complete with shoutouts, DJ beatmatching, and crossfades. We’re talking crossfades, people! Apparently it went over really well. See google chat transcript below with Kipchoge. (If that download link dies, please let me know.)

I’m really hoping that Rock the Bike can become a vibrant channel where local (or distant) DJ’s can get their music heard in the streets, and cruisers can get access to more interesting mixes than they’d come up with on their own. I have nothing against “Billie Jean” but when you’re talking about playing loud music in the streets, you have to bring a mix, not just the warhorse classics.




Kipchoge: really nice ride.

the mix was rad and super appreciated. I didn’t tell anybody before blasting it and suddenly everyone thought you were there!

me: Awesome!

Kipchoge: very cool every time your emceeing and singing came on.

me: I’m so happy to hear it.

I was looking for a way to take part that wouldn’t destroy my chances of getting a productive start to the week.

Kipchoge: yeah, super low impact traveling!

me: I actually had a real breakthrough on Ableton live on Friday night.

I’d been struggling with the basic concept of Live but it clicked on Friday.

So I stayed up till 4 working on the mix.

In the future I’ll be able to crank them out faster, but i was learning.

And having fun.