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How Rock the Bike is Helping During COVID-19: PPE Projects

We would like to express gratitude to our customers and partners who’ve helped us build enough stability to keep our team together through this crisis so far. We are grateful for the health of our team and their families. We are thankful for the clear skies and the hope that climate change can be tackled with the same force of collective action that we’re aiming at a virus. And, when that happens, we are hopeful it will lift everyone up, not leave people behind.

Rock The Bike is helping out during this time with our unique engineering and 3-D printing skills!

What we’re doing to help 

  • We’re contributing to 2 open-source PPE projects to serve healthcare workers. Our 3D printers have been running headbands for face shields, and our engineer Leif has been sending these on to Maker Nexus in Sunnyvale to complete and distribute to healthcare workers.
Leif testing out the piece that our 3D printing team created.
A doctor and family member of the Rock the Bike team in New York testing out the face shield with a headband that we created.
  • Through a family connection, we responded to a request from Contra Costa’s county hospital for a large cleanable intubation box. This project came from research in Taiwan. We innovated a new feature (stackable design) and turned around two samples within a week. It’s now in evaluation and we’re standing by to refine or make more as needed.
Here is an example of the equipment we are designing and printing for the hospitals who need help keeping their doctors safe during intubation procedures.
Here is an example of what these boxes look like in action.

Thank you for staying connected with us during this difficult time! We look forward to continuing to bring you bike-powered fun in the future and in your home!!