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Honolulu Cruising

Greetings from the cruising streets of Honolulu, Hawaii!! I got into town and went directly to the bike shop to pick up a bike. I chose to purchase a bike instead of renting because my friend that lives on the island doesn’t own his own bike so i ended up giving it to him after I return to the mainland. After checking out a Eki Cyclery, and “the Bike Shop” on Bretania Ave I ended up at the dreaded Wal-Mart to get the Kulani Envy Green 7 speed 26″ cruiser. Suprisingly a nice bike! The hills in town were not very steep so climbing was pretty easy. Ala Moana beach park has plenty of beach side paths crossing over a creek and a VERY nice park to see plenty of people BBQing, playing Ukulele, jogging, walking and just hanging out. Just a beautiful Tropical Hawaiian Day! The night rides were even more fun. Traffic was slow as we cruised down Kalkaua Avenue enjoying the tradewinds and the warm night air. IF or WHEN you get out to Hawaii, DEFINITELY rent a bike and cruise around town. YOU WILL ENJOY IT!!