• Bike Blenders, Pedal Powered Concerts and Activities for Events and Education

    Temporary Closure Due to Covid-19: As much as anyone, Rock The Bike desires to get back to bringing our gift of Pedal Powered inspiration into the world. But we are prioritizing the health of our elders and the most vulnerable in our Bay Area community by respecting the Shelter At Home edict in place in much of California. For this reason, we will not be shipping new orders or doing events until at least April 7.

    Our online store is open and our customer service team is available.

    Email us at customerservice@rockthebike.com or give us a call at 1-888-354-2453 M-F 9 am-5 pm PST.

    Kid I'm powering it!Bringing Pedal Powered activities to your event increases the fun and participation and puts people in an open, joyous, and receptive state, where they’re ready to interact and learn. It’s green energy in action! Our activities provide a way for people to use their own muscle power and instantly achieve a delightful and memorable result.

    Our most popular activity — and the most accessible starting point for anyone interested in Pedal Power — is Bike Blending.

    We’ve spent the last 13 years developing Pedal Powered activities that help everyday people experience their power to make change. From 1-bike stations like Bike Blenders and Recharge Stations to 20-bike concert systems , Pedal Power rocks! We do the hard work of engineering the bikes and systems to be safe, dependable, educational, and fun. You bring in your group and share the gift of human power with people for the first time.

    Please click More to read on about all our Pedal Powered activities, or, for info about the ones we rent and our rental program, check out our handy table of rentable Pedal Powered Activities!


Featured Products

  • Off the Wall

    Whether you want to party off the grid, charge your phone after a natural disaster, get your kids exercising, or teach energy efficiency in an interactive way (or all of the above!), the Off the Wall Pro gives you a way to generate immediately usable electricity directly from your bicycle. Our customers asked for a […]

  • Generator Pro

      When you do events with Pedal Power, especially with groups of pedalers, it’s good to have a simple, comfortable bike that looks inviting and leaves no option but to get on and pedal. The Generator Pro is that bike. It has no gears, no brakes — only the seat to adjust. The handlebars don’t […]

  • Icycleta Ice Cream Bike Attachment for Fender Blender Pros

    Why stop at smoothies when you can broaden the offerings of your Fender Blender Pro to include ice cream?  This easy accessory converts your Fender Blender Pro to an Ice Cream Bike. A simple mechanism attaches to the front of your FB Pro – requiring no tools – where it sits low enough that kids […]

  • Recharge Station

    It’s a bike that charges phones, 8 of them to be precise. This event power station sparks the kinds of informal conversations and networking that draw people to conferences, concerts, and meetings in the first place. The sight of pedaling and the diffuse green glow of the enclosure underneath the wooden desk draw in crowds […]

  • Roll Up Generator Stand

    The Roll Up offers similar performance to our Generator Wheels, but weighs and costs less, and doesn’t require you to change out your rear wheel. It uses the same power generating elements found in our Generator Wheels but in an external roller, not inside the hub. It boasts a very large roller with a gritty […]

  • One Bike / One Speaker

    The simplest way to get people dancing with Pedal Power. The output of 1 efficient generator goes right into a customized JBL loudspeaker. With a compatible mixer (in use here and as shown in video in upper right) you can get multiple musicians amplified with no additional power. Bike Party demo: A single pedaler on […]

  • El Arbol: The Bike Tree

    This custom art bike, made and based in San Francisco, rides through the city at 12 feet tall, then sprouts roots, branches, and leaves at events, where it becomes a 2500-Watt double-stack main speaker at our Pedal Powered Stage. Integrated LEDs look stunning at night. The Tree has two seats and creates all of its […]

  • Fender Blender Pro

    The Fender Blender Pro was built from the ground up as the ultimate expression of human power. Designed for day-in, day-out use, the Fender Blender can hold its own at schools, festivals, trade shows, fundraisers, and events of all types.
    (in stock)

  • Fender Blender Universale

    Turns any bike into a party bike! Our most affordable bike blender, it’s also great for schools, camps, and fundraisers.

  • Spin Art for Fender Blenders

      Amaze attendees at your event with Pedal Powered Spin Art. It’s so easy it almost requires no supervision.   With just a few pedal strokes, you can get the platter of your Pedal Powered Spin Art station spinning at 1000-2000 RPM, enough to produce dazzling spirals, circles, and streaks as you squirt paint on […]

  • Pedal Power Utility Box

    The Pedal Power Utility Box makes team efforts possible! Up to 10 people at once can convert their good clean Pedal Power to usable AC power, for devices rated up to 1000W. A Pedal Power Utility Box in use at an event. All the essential circuitry and wiring needed for Pedal Powered events is safely […]

  • Modified JBL Loudspeakers

    A Rock The Bike exclusive! Our DC mod eliminates the need for AC power for your loudspeakers, making Pedal Powered Stages up to 44% more efficient. Above:  Modified PRX 612 wedge monitors in use as the band ZH performs. Also shown in aerial configuration in Rock The Bike’s Pedal Powered Line Array (suspended from Bamboo […]

  • Ice Cream Bike Pro — Pedal Powered Ice Cream Maker

    Take the cranking out of your arms and into your legs for a more ergonomic method that taps into larger muscle groups,  yielding amazing results at your events. Crank out up to 1.5 gallons in only 20 minutes of casual pedaling! Our new Ice Cream Bike Pro combines the wide size range and style of […]

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