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Holiday Greetings (reprint of newsletter)

Bike Blenders growing in popularity and variety. 

Above: Wheely Good Smoothies in Baltimore continues to dazzle at farmers markets with their customized Fender Blenders. The newest is their Rainbow Fish (using the Fender Blender Pro as the base).


Bike Blenders continue to be a force for good, both out in the world and in our business. Good for business because of the amazing outreach that happens each time our customers use their blenders in the community. Thank you, we really appreciate it! We’re seeing strong interest and even fellow human power entrepreneurs, i.e. competition, in the UK and Australia. There is an increasing acceptance among event people and educators that bike blenders work: they’re reliable, fun, engaging, and educational, and you get to nourish people with thick, healthy, tangy smoothies and other treats. 

It’s an exciting time for innovation on Bike Blenders at RTB as well. We’re stoked to be working with BlendTec on a new Fender Blender (BlendTec) line. High performance, American-made, and with a mission that resonates with ours, the Utah-based company (both manufacturing and design / HQ) are pedal powering their very own Fender Blender Pro (BlendTec) and raving about it.         

“We’ve been getting an awesome response all around internally and externally!” sayeth BlendTec. 
We hope to be selling all of our Fender Blender models with a BlendTec upgrade option this coming spring. We will continue selling the Vitamix and Oster-compatible versions of all our Fender Blender models.  
Got a business, school or event in mind for the Fender Blender? Make a referral and we’ll send you a T-Shirt.  


3000 Person Concert System fits in a briefcase


We got inspired at this year’s San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, where for the first time our audience hit 1000. One of the pleasures of that day was the relaxed feeling of Pedal Power. With over 20 bikes and new aerial-rigged speakers, we had no outages and great festival-grade sound all day, all the way out at the road.  
human powered bicycle music festival
SF Bicycle Music Festival. Photo: Erin Sanchez.
We want to do more concerts at this scale and beyond. We believe our ultra-efficient PA and Pedal Power system is ready for 3000-person audiences, and we want to share it in new places. We’ve started rebuilding our PA system with a translucent stacking / nesting / Russian Dolls design, to reduce its storage and shipping volume by 60%, while improving its beauty at night. The project is off to a promising start. Below, demolding wave guides. Photo: Mike Cobb.   
pedal powered concert  
Got an exciting connection for a large Pedal Powered concert? We would appreciate your referrals to anyone in the concerts field. If it leads to an event we’ll say thanks with a Rock The Bike T-shirt or hoodie.   
Down Low Glow: Don’t call it a comeback!  

Above: Adam and Sophie know the value of a good safety light in the short days of winter. 


Many of you have been wondering if the Down Low Glow is ever going to come back. We’ve even wondered ourselves. But the story is changing because we have passed a major milestone on our Side Visibility street glow light: the first rideable prototype. The flat lithium battery, power switch, and circuitry are all protected in a single tube. No more wires! The light looks just as good, and it turns on fast in cold weather. Unfortunately still no ETA. But this project is happening and is moving forward. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Last few highlights from 2013:   
– First year with full-time employees at Rock The Bike (Brittany and Laird). The main benefit has been faster shipments, fewer out of stock periods, and better order accuracy.      
Operation Freedom Grinder video goes viral. We rescued our stolen cargo bike with a Pedal Powered angle grinder to an offending U-Lock, using our own Pedal Power Utility Box to power the tool.     
Bicycle Music Festival fans ride together.

Above: Bicycle Music Festival LiveOnBike audience caravan. Photo: Volker Neumann. 


– Great rides! Final ride of the year is this Saturday

Thanks for your support and happy holidays!

Fossil Fool and RTB 
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