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Halloween with the SF Cruisers

Posted by fossilfool
10/31/2007 – 17:20

Halloween ride with the SF Cruisers
Photo from our 2006 Halloween ride. Let’s make this year’s ride even spookier.


Our annual Halloween ride keeps getting better. Come ride, dance and celebrate Halloween with us!

Meet at the Fair Oaks Street party, not at the Rev as previously posted.

The street party is at Fair Oaks and 22nd. You may be required to lock your bike outside the blocked off zone.


Here’s the rough plan:

Wednesday at Sunset: Show up at Fair Oaks Street Party, vibe with the neighbors, set up for La Malamana performance (slack line balancing, stilt walking, live improvised visual art), set up human powered mobile disco for revelers. Host wild dance session for Fair Oaks street people, get the kids to show us all the latest gymnastics moves.




Stay at Fair Oaks party until approximately 8:00 – 8:30.
Ride bikes! Outrageous mobile party hits the busy streets of the Mission.



Approx 8:309PM: Pass by the Rev at 22nd & Bartlett, host 20 – 30 minutes dance / freestyle session.




Ride Bikes! Roll to 18 th Street where throngs of costumed revelers give the Raise the Roof symbol. Avoid cops trying unsuccessfully to repel throngs from Castro.


Follow the energy, hitting local house parties.



Approximately 11PM . Return to 17th & Valencia for semi-private garage party in a huge auto-body style roll up garage that opens onto the sidewalk. We had a nice little preview there the other night.


I hope you can join us on Halloween night.





Come with your costume on and your bike decorated. Bring musical instruments and dancing shoes. We will set up a mobile disco in or around the Castro. Last year our location was 18th and Noe. We will also attend the street party at Fair Oaks street in the Mission.