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GSR Technology -Gimme Some Room!













GSR (Gimme Some Room) Technology. Funny name, but it really works. GSR technology refers to the erie bands of light jetting out to the sides of your bicycle, extending well into a full lane of traffic even under street lights. This helps you show drivers visually what part of the road is yours, and what part of the road is theirs. No other safety light communicates a boundary like the Down Low Glow.

Tim and Greg McClain, cross-country bike riders.

We can obviously make no guarantees as to the behavior of drivers, but it’s been our experience that they really respond favorably to the Down Low Glow. They simply give more room, more often, when passing from the rear. The effect is tremendous when the DLG is paired with a rear blinky. Basically, the light from the blinky hits the driver from far away, maybe a quarter mile, with its focused, directional LEDs. If you’ve got a decent blinky, then by this point the driver is probably already aware that there’s a bike ahead. Then, as soon as they get within a few hundred feet of your bike, an unusual stripe of bright colored light appears. It catches their attention. And it’s at this point that most drivers, in our experience, slow down and yield more space.

Check out these testimonials on the subject:

“Let’s talk about the GSR Technology…I was not crowded once by a vehicle on Market St. yesterday. Not once! Now it could be a very strange coincidence . But not likely, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that on Market during commute time in my lifetime. I am very happy and can’t wait to go ride some more at night.” — Josh from San Francisco.

“At night on dark country roads, cars give me a wider berth than they do in daylight –they can see me, but they don’t know what I am, so they play it very safe. Plus, my first night out, a neighbor’s kid followed me into my yard at the end of the ride because he just had to know where I got them. ”
— Ian from Upstate NY.

I never imagined cars on narrow Tokyo roads would give me so much room.
— Byron from Tokyo

GSR Technology goes hand in hand with the amazing side visibility the Down Low Glow provides. Side Visibility is what helps you be seen sooner in rare, close-quarters emergency situations, typically happening at or near intersections, when an extra quarter-second of a driver’s attention really counts. GSR Technology is what covers you in non-emergency situations. These are the situations where, if you normally use blinkies, you probably would have been plenty safe without the Down Low Glow. But just because these situations don’t threaten your life doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. Ask yourself, if there were a bike light that based on anecdotal evidence alone, is likely to increase the average distance cars give me at night, wouldn’t I want to at least try it? Getting passed from the rear by a car is probably, statistically speaking, your number one fear. That is, the majority of bike riders fear getting hit from behind the most of out all road situations. So why not make that experience a little less nervewracking. The Down Low Glow appears, from our experience and that of the customers quoted in our testimonials, to grab the attention of drivers in a new way, a way that leads them to yield more of the lane, and hopefully the complete lane, to you.

These moments, these non-life-threatening moments, including getting passed from the rear, probably happen dozens of times to you in a single night ride. As so, you’d probably notice even a modest improvement in your coolness, calmness, and collectedness as these moments occur.  And GSR Technology will make a big difference in you feeling that way. Enjoy the relaxed ride you’ll get from GSR Technology, one of the unique benefits of the Down Low Glow.