Rock The Bike

Going Green with the Mundo Recycling “Truck”

Stuart Harrod, 44 of Frankfort, sits on his cargo bike during the second annual Going Green: Frankfort Climate Action Festival on the Old Capitol lawn Saturday. The bike has an electric motor attached to the front tire and is used for picking up groceries and running errands around town, Harrod said. The motor helps along the hills and it is good exercise, Harrod said.


Stu Harrod writes:

I attended our city’s Go Green festival on the Mundo sporting recycle bins on the rack and wound up in the newspaper. The bike is fantastic and has already saved me over $50.00 in gas the first week, and has drastically reduced my carbon footprint.

Anyway, the mayor jokingly pointed at my bike during his opening speech and told the crowd to check out the city’s new recycling truck ! The bike helped make an positive impact on the city officials and also gave a big boost to our fight for bike lanes and bicycle/pedestrian paths in our city.

The bike has apparently already created a buzz about town…I was amazed at how many people commented that they’ve seen me around town on it and were shocked to see what I was able to haul on a bicycle. Funny thing…after the mayor’s speech people started using my recycle bin on the bike to deposit their aluminum cans and plastic/glass bottles at the festival. The Mundo was put to work as an impromtu recycle truck and was definitely in it’s element.

I answered countless questions about the bike and hopefully inspired some people to consider a bike as an alternative means of local transportation (if an out of shape middle aged old fart like me can do it, you can too !).

I’m thinking next year, bike blended smoothies would be a great addition to the festival as well as a pedal powered stage for the bands !