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Gear: Sport utility bikes

Solid, simple execution of the cargo-bike concept.

The LA Times reviewed and compared four popular load-carrying bike options including the Mundo Cargo Bike and the Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle


A solid workhorse

Yuba Mundo Cargo bicycle: Integrated, six-speed, steel longtail bike and cargo frame with built-in rack and low-slung side-load platforms designed to carry 440 pounds.

Likes: Solid, simple execution of the cargo-bike concept. Side-load platforms double as passenger footrests. Includes tough 48-spoke rear wheel. Quite stable due to long wheelbase (a foot longer than that on normal bikes) and its ability to carry items low to the ground. I carried a 42-inch Coleman cooler filled with beer and soft drinks on one side with a 200-pound man on the rack for several miles. Customize-able with accessories, it can be turned into a tandem or triplet with two optional child seats, and used for bike camping or deliveries via a strapping system ($60) that’ll hold surfboards and chairs; side bags hold big coolers ($99). Frame has a low top tube to accommodate a wide range of users.

Dislikes: Although surprisingly nimble, it has the turning radius of a tractor trailer. Though the basic six-speed drivetrain keeps costs down, it has a limited performance range. The size makes it hard to transport and useful only if you are going to truly use it.