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Gabe from Shake Your Peace reveals plans for his Soul cycle

This is gabe’s schematic drawing of the P/A he built for his touring rig. It includes a ported plywood box, a big 10″ woofer, a tweeter, a 200 watt car amp, and a rechargeable battery.

Gabe chose an amp that is bridgeable, meaning he can put the full power of the amp into one speaker. Also, take a look at the steps from the amp to the speaker. First there’s a crossover. That splits the bass from the treble so the tweeters don’t get damaged by bass freqencies. Then on the way to the tweeter there’s a LPAD. That’s a knob that allows gabe to turn the tweeter up or down to dial in the balance of woofy bass to crisp tweeter notes.

Here’s wishing Gabe luck on his tour to Utah this April!