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Free Mos Def concert with Realistic Orchestra in Golden Gate Park — SF Cruiser ride to follow.

Posted by fossilfool
10/18/2008 – 15:00

Just announced: Mos Def will be performing live with SF’s Realistic Orchestra backing him up!


write up in SF Gate

Mundo Utility Bike
Dublin and Seneca of the Jazz Mafia freestyling outside Bruno’s

MC’s in the know know that Fossil Fool, the bike rapper, doesn’t hog the mic when the real talent rolls in. I give props and pedal power. Today, as the Mos Def show lets out, I’ll be bringing the new Rock the Bike pedal power gear and hosting a session with the most talented MC’s of the Bay Area, who will almost certainly be attending the free Mos Def show.

I wish I could lead a cruiser ride to the event, but I’m working a cool event in the sunset district for Friends of the Urban Forest. Friend Adam A. is getting up at 6:30 to help me get the gear to the event. If any SF Cruiser wants to lead folks to the concert, please post a comment below.


There’s some great free live music happening this Saturday, the 18th. After the concert, meet up with the other SF Cruisers and other bike people for an afternoon cruise, probably ending up close to sunset in the Mission District. The concert ends at 6PM. Other highlights: Rock the Bike will host a Human Powered MC Freestyle battle after the concert with rappers from the Jazz Mafia crew and other Bay Area MC’s in attendance.

Please note, you have to print a voucher by answering a brief survey.

Note, we’re looking for an SF Cruiser or two to lead a cruise from the Mission District and other locales to the event. I’ll be coming from the sunset, where Rock the Bike will be pedal powering a Friends of the Urban Forest event earlier in the day.