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Feeling of comfort and coolness

As I rolled thru the busy park at night. I had my DLG green envy on. The “Oh look at that light”, “Cool Light” and where did you get that light? shouts and questions were coming from all over the park as I rode along. DLG is the major piece of equipment that raises attention for cyclists. I have yet to use them and not get into conversations with people about my DLG. I tell them they are handcrafted in San Francisco, and it seems to make them appear even more mysterious. It just adds to the DLG mystique I guess. Riding at night is way more comfortable than during the day because of the DLG system. I hear cars leaving the lane or at least giving me way more space than sans a DLG. So yes I feel they are worth it. The only downside is that if your are a hurry, the conversations you get into will slow you down. It is great because slowing down and being part of the community is a lot better than speeding through and never knowing who you live with. Peaceful riding, Carl