Rock The Bike

FBU at Berkwood Hedge Recharge Station for Bike to Work/School Day

Berkwood Hedge School has been enjoying our Fender Blender Universale.  The EARTH class (2nd grade) was the first group of kids to test-ride our bike blender.  They were impressed by its efficiency and enjoyed sharing fruit smoothies during their afternoon break on the playground.

The bike blender was a hit at May 10th’s Bike to Work/School Day!  Cyclists who visited the Berkwood Hedge Energizer Station appreciated two flavors of refreshing smoothies.  We were surprised to find that kids were equally interested in powering the bike blender as sampling the smoothies.

This year, the EARTH class added a new component to their traditional spring plant sale…bike-blended smoothies!  The plant and smoothie sale is a fundraiser for the class’s family camping trip.  The school community gathered round to watch the EARTHlings (2nd graders) mix up smoothies and lined-up to purchase them.  The sale was a great success!

Thanks so much,

Kristin K.
2nd grade teacher
Berkwood Hedge School