Rock The Bike

FBISD Schools Receive Grants to Fund Bike Blender

The Oliver Foundation awarded Healthy Choices Grants to three Fort Bend ISD schools – Dulles Middle School, Missouri City Middle School and Oyster Creek Elementary School – to support their efforts in developing innovative programs to help improve students’ nutrition and physical activity habits.

The Oliver Foundation awarded a $3,000 Campus Grade Level Grant to Missouri City Middle School for the purchase of a Fender Blender Pro, a blender bike from Rock the Bike. The human powered, stationary blender bike is allowing students and staff to spin their way to health as they prepare smoothies. The bike has an actual blender attached to it that works as someone pedals the bike. The faster you pedal, the quicker it blends.

Above: Shown with the blender bike are (from left): Ivan Sanchez, Kalyn Parks, Coach Michael James, Kevin Butler, Dominique Scott, Marla McNeal-Sheppard, FBISD Assistant Superintendent; Karen Crittenden, School Nurse; Bayli Mosley, Angel Johnson, Lola Washington, Health Teacher; and Dr. Jesus Acosta, Principal.

“We are so excited and grateful to The Oliver Foundation,” said Karen Crittenden, school nurse. “Our goal is to continue to generate excitement about being healthy and to encourage everyone to increase their physical activity and eat more nutritious meals.”

The blender bike is used school-wide. Health teachers use the bike as a healthy incentive for students to make fruit and vegetable-based smoothies with low-fat dairy. The blender bike is also used as a healthy and fun icebreaker at faculty meetings. The Human Services class uses it to make healthy spreads like hummus and pesto. The Teens Against Tabacco Use (TATU) and Move It! club members use the bike at outreach events to teach others about healthy lifestyles. The bike is even being used by custodians and cafeteria employees during their lunch and afternoon breaks.

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