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Fast Charger

Our smart charger makes it fast and easy to charge your DLG battery safely. Just connect it to your DLG battery with the power switch in the ON position. You’ll see the charger’s LED light turn red. After the charge cycle completes, the LED turns green, and you’re ready to cruise again.

The smart charger takes all the guess work out of charging your battery. We chose a very gentle trickle charger to include with the DLG, but even so, it can still overcharge if left on the battery for days at a time. Sometimes a full trickle charge will take 6 hours; sometimes it will take 12 hours, depending on how low the battery is. The fast charger only charges as much as the battery needs. So you don’t have to monitor it. And it takes a fifth of the time.

The smart charger also has the advantage of accepting both 110 and 220 AC power. So if you travel a lot, this is the one to get.

We offer European and UK compatible cords, just add a comment when ordering if you need the Euro or UK plug style.