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Easiest pedal powered Christmas lights

How to Have a Happy Pedal Power Holiday


Tis the season to pedal power some holiday cheer. With Off The Wall, it’s gotten super easy: kids can do it, you won’t blow up lights, and you can use the gear in your preparedness kit and for parties throughout the year.

While there are many different styles of lights that will work, we’ve tested and recommend this fairy light. It has a remote control with various modes and will remember your preferred mode even when you stop pedaling. To get a good pedaling feel you’ll want to aim for 25-30 Watts total, which you’ll see on the handlebars if you choose the Comparator Safety Circuit and Display option with your Off The Wall purchase. Aim for 5-8 strands of light and select our USB Brick option for the simplest wiring.

From now through Dec 15, enjoy 15% off our Off The Wall Generator Stand with the code “pedalpowerholiday.” Limited stock, please act fast!