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Down Low Glow power management enhancements yield 25% longer battery life Dual Tube systems

If you’re like many Rock the Bike readers and community members, you crave the Side Visibility the Down Low Glow provides, but you already have a handful of devices you need to remember to charge up regularly — your cell phone, digital camera, and MP3 player, to name a few. The longer these devices last between charges, the more the benefits of using them outweigh the hassle of having to remember to recharge them. And with 25% longer battery life, the Down Low Glow just took a big step in the right direction.

By working closely with our suppliers of rechargeable batteries and CFL lamps, we’ve increased the capacity of our batteries without increasing their size or weight, and reduced the power consumption of our light tubes without decreasing their brightness.

Here are the numbers from recent testing with a fully charged, standard DLG battery.