Rock The Bike
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Don’t worry, no cubicles yet.

Rock the Bike Office in Berkeley CA
photo: Paul McKenzie

Welcome to Rock the Bike, where we average 2.5 laptops per employee. Yes, we are thrilled to reach untold levels of productivity in our airy new office! This room had always adjoined our workshop but only now did we have a chance to use it, after 2 years in Unit B and 7 years on Channing way. Leif, Ben, and I put in the bamboo floor and built the desk. Took us two days.

Leif building a desk

And we’re stoked. We can open that window and pass invoices and packing slips to whoever’s working in shipping that day. When it’s closed the space is fairly quiet and dust free. It’s fun rolling around on bamboo. The materials for the project cost us less than $50. Guests will have a space to look at product literature, press clippings and bike magazines, Rock the Bike videos, all while checking out the action in the bicycle customization station on the other side of the window.