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Customize your cargo bike at Rock the Bike

Gian welding a custom tab on a Mundo frame for faster loading of equippment.
Gian welding mouning tabs to a Mundo frame.

If you have a specific idea for a bike-based business that requires customizing a bike, you’ll find Rock the Bike to be a valuable resource. We’ve been adapting bikes to specific applications for years, including food-delivery and preparation, music events, education, and more.

We’ll take a thorough listen to your unique project idea. It may require the services of our next door neighbor Gian, a metal fabricator, machinist, and welder. Or it may be a woodworking task that we take on in our workshop. Whatever your needs, we want to help you achieve it!

Leif cutting honeycomb
Leif cutting honeycomb

When you schedule an appointment at Rock the Bike, you’ll not only get to test ride bikes like the Mundo and Xtracycle, you’ll be talking to a team of people who have come up with creative, simple solutions for musicians, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and families.

Whether you want your bike to carry your two smallest family members, to have the perfect pouch for your pooch, or perhaps to hold a keyboard on it, we are here to help you. Call us today about how we can customize your ride.

Janaysa was in need for a cargo bike that could carry herself and her keyboard for a LiveOnBike performance.

Janaysa and the LiveOnBike rig

Janaysa and the LiveOnBike rig